NHHJA Show—Point Chasing

When I started this show season, my only goal was to have a “learning curve year” after being out of the show ring for a bit. Ax and I have definitely had our fair share of struggles—in fact, lately it has felt like more struggle than success—but we have also had a decent amount of success.Continue reading “NHHJA Show—Point Chasing”

Adjustability and Softness: Dee Dee Hopper Clinic

To say that I am easy to teach would be a lie. I always like a second opinion on my horse, but I have also been incredibly picky about who that opinion comes from and I have been this way ever since I was just learning how to ride. I remember being around ten and havingContinue reading “Adjustability and Softness: Dee Dee Hopper Clinic”

Show Backpack Essentials: IHSA Edition

I never used one of those extra-expensive “helmet backpacks” for horse shows until I became captain of my college’s IHSA team. I didn’t ever feel like I needed an extra bag of stuff to carry around with me. Flash forward to now and I can’t go anywhere at the show without it.  So, in honor ofContinue reading “Show Backpack Essentials: IHSA Edition”