Perfectly Plum | Beyond Boat Shoes

Welcome to where I chronicle what I wear that isn’t just this blog’s namesake—we are going beyond boat shoes.

My wardrobe always gets a bit brighter this time of year thanks to my love of the season. From golden yellows to deep burgundy, fall brings the wonderful autumnal colors that make my heart happy, causing me to ditch my trusty neutral tones just for a month or two. Continue reading “Perfectly Plum | Beyond Boat Shoes”

Summer 2018| Favorite Things

Better late than never, right? This summer was brutal and busy to say the least—I spent half of it traveling for work and the other half melting in the high heat and humidity that refused to go away. Even with reduced riding time, A few favorite things came out of Summer 2018.Continue reading “Summer 2018| Favorite Things”

Wowed at WEG

You know those moments when you pause, look around, and realize how lucky you are to be where you are standing? That was me when I found myself leaning against the fence of the dressage arena, camera and media badge in hand, at the Tryon International Equestrian Center as Laura Graves and Verdades passaged their way down the center line and the crowd erupted with cheers.Continue reading “Wowed at WEG”

2018 North American Youth Championships | Photography

Last year’s Youth Championships (then known as Young Riders) was the first event where I really felt like photography was something I had a passion for. Now, a year later, I’ve upgraded some of my gear, have many more shows under my camera strap, and have found that photographing events is my favorite part of my job. Continue reading “2018 North American Youth Championships | Photography”