Vermont Summer Festival | Photography

When you’re in New England, what is a better way to spend a sunny Saturday than driving up to the Vermont Summer Festival? There isn’t! Before my summer schedule got busy with work traveling, a group of friends and I headed north, to the green mountains, for one of the Festival’s weekly grand prix classes.Continue reading “Vermont Summer Festival | Photography”

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

For as long as I’ve had Ax, he has seen the chiropractor at least once a year (lucky horse!), but after last winter’s Mystery Lameness and the muscle atrophy that came with it, I made him an appointment with a highly recommended vet who includes acupuncture as part of the process. Since then, Ax has been on a six- to eight-week schedule to get his body popped back into place and act as a horsey pincushion. Because he’d been done numerous times before, I knew the magic that chiropractic work did and that Ax responded well to it; what I didn’t know was how in-depth you could look at the horse when combining it with acupuncture.Continue reading “Snap, Crackle, Pop!”

NHHJA Summer Festival | Photography

The last post on this blog about NHHJA’s annual Summer Festival was a recap of my favorite show of the year. This year, with a semi-retired-ish horse at home and an overall lack of showing funds, my only job at the show was to support the riders I knew and hopefully get some good photos.Continue reading “NHHJA Summer Festival | Photography”

GHF Horse Trials | Photography

It’s weird how eventing has become my favorite type of competition to shoot for work—even the lower levels, where there is no chance of being starstruck by Olympians, have grown on me. My most recent work outing placed me at a local, well-respected, recognized horse trials for cross-country day. Continue reading “GHF Horse Trials | Photography”