The Final Phase | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

The final day of the Kentucky Three-Day Event was bittersweet—on one hand, I was sunburnt, sore, and utterly exhausted; on the other, I was sad to leave the excitement and chaos that is horse show life. After a long day of cross-country and a grand prix the day before and a late night with friends at a local mexican restaurant that made all my queso dreams come true, I was thankful for the late start for show jumping day. Continue reading “The Final Phase | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event”

Dressage Days | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

Eventing has grown on me over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to ever compete in the sport (I’ll stick to my tiny, natural-colored sticks), but an appreciation for the bravery and sheer dedication of the horses and riders has developed. Attending the Kentucky Three-Day Event was never something that crossed my mind until college, and once I started working at the magazine, I was determined to get there. Thankfully, this year I got to attend and soak up all the perks of being there as credentialed media.Continue reading “Dressage Days | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event”

ACE Equestrian Belt | Product Review


One of the coolest things about being a blogger and working in the equestrian media industry is getting to meet people and the products they create. On one of my latest excursions, I met the owner of ACE Equestrian, a small business based nearby in New England that I had seen circulating the area but had yet to get my hands on, and picked up one of their belts in charcoal with silver hardware. A month later, it is safe to say that I am in love. Continue reading “ACE Equestrian Belt | Product Review”