An Equestrian’s Money-Saving Tips

“I would very much like to be excused from this narrative.” – Me towards Adulting.

Saving money as a horse owner can be difficult when you might as well be setting hundreds of dollars on fire each month to pay for a giant four-legged animal that spends its day eating and getting covered in dirt. While I’ve got no leads on finding a much-desired money tree, I have found a few ways to save up my pennies so I can eventually spend them on some breeches.Continue reading “An Equestrian’s Money-Saving Tips”

“Spring” Show Shots | Photography

In what can easily be called blind excitement for the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event later this month, I splurged on a new camera lens a few weeks ago. It is a much desired, much needed upgrade from the lens I was currently using, and I was itching to use it. Because I couldn’t wait any longer, my roommate and I drove to a local show to test some shots. Sadly, the “spring” temperatures from the week didn’t last through Saturday and the chilly weather made for some spicy ponies!Continue reading ““Spring” Show Shots | Photography”

Favorite Things | Winter 2018

This winter was a wild one—emotionally and weather wise. Between Ax’s time off and start of rehab for the Mystery Lameness of 2017, the temperature repeatedly changing 30° overnight, and just general winter grumpiness, it is a miracle Ax and I made it out alive. But we did, and I have a few favorite things I picked up along the way!Continue reading “Favorite Things | Winter 2018”

Ax’s Leg Care Routine

I can admit to being a bit obsessive about my horse’s leg care. While Ax doesn’t often have very strenuous workouts, I’d rather play it safe than show up to a warm or puffy leg the next day. In my book, jumping, lessons, horse shows, and hunter paces are all activities that require wrapping and sometimes poulticing afterwards, but with Ax’s current rehab routine based off of the Mystery Lameness of 2017, my urge to wrap has increased significantly.Continue reading “Ax’s Leg Care Routine”

Sand, Surf, and Some Ponies | Photography

While this year’s beach polo match was almost 30° colder than last year’s, I will never turn down a pony-filled day that also gives me a chance to snap some photos! Abandoning all attempts at dressing “polo-chic,” a group of fellow horse people and I bundled up last Saturday and drove down to Newport, Rhode Island for Newport Polo’s annual beach polo match.Continue reading “Sand, Surf, and Some Ponies | Photography”