Kensington Signature SuperMesh Medium Weight Turnout | Product Review

Ax has had the same 180 gram turnout, an ugly, red plaid no-name brand, since I got him in August of 2013. It used to fit him well, but as he filled out, it started to get wonky in the chest and just wasn’t looking so hot after four years. I am happy to report that Ax finally got a new medium, the Kensington Signature SuperMesh Medium Weight Turnout, and he looks adorable in it.Continue reading “Kensington Signature SuperMesh Medium Weight Turnout | Product Review”

2018 Goals

Between traveling for work, an unexpectedly show-free summer, and Ax’s unplanned time off, last year’s resolutions went out the window to the point of it not being worth reviewing them. But I still think it is important to put your goals out there for accountability and to manifest them, so here is what I am hoping to accomplish in 2018…Continue reading “2018 Goals”

We’ve Got Lameness and Vet Bills A-Plenty | Ax Update

I think it is time that you all get an update on my beloved buffalo.

This has been the year of maladies for Ax—earlier this year he sliced his mouth open which resulted in some minor stressing, an unexpected (and perfectly timed) vet visit, and some time off, and now we are approaching week four of stall rest due to a mystery lameness that has my vets stumped.

Continue reading “We’ve Got Lameness and Vet Bills A-Plenty | Ax Update”