Round Five

I think by now, it goes without saying that, without the exception of last weekend, getting up early for horse shows are not my favorite thing. I love horse showing, just not the waking up early part. Unfortunately they go hand-in-hand, so once again I was up early Saturday morning for round five of BCET’s fall IHSA season. This time we were showing at the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth’s equestrian center at Claddagh Farm.Continue reading “Round Five”

Mental “Thank You”s

I think I am finally getting used to running on little sleep. Maybe its because I have been doing it for so long. Last Saturday morning when my 4:30 alarm went off I was wide awake and ready to go. I didn’t even need my clothes set out in the right order to make sure I put them on right. One step forward in my sleepless college equestrian lifestyle. Once again, our team piled onto the shuttle bus and the van. This drive was a long one. The trip to Glen Farm in Rhode Island where Roger Williams University holds their horse show was about two hours. That’s two more hours of sleep for me. Yay!Continue reading “Mental “Thank You”s”

Naked Ponies Everywhere

Every horse person who has ever body clipped their horse knows that feeling of little hairs pricking and poking them with every movement. Well that was me last week.

After my crazy hectic weekend of horse shows, I decided that Ax was far too hairy for my liking and he needed to be clipped. Now. So I covered up as much of my body as I could with layers upon layers of clothes, forced my friend to help me, and powered up my clippers. Maybe it was my lack of sleep that prevented me from thinking clearly, but what on earth would possess someone to clip a horse in the dark on less than three hours of sleep? Apparently that didn’t phase me because off came the hair.Continue reading “Naked Ponies Everywhere”

I can’t win every time, but the team can.

One would think that waking up before the sun rises for most weekends of your life would get easier. Not even close. My 4:30 AM wake up call will always make my eyes think they have been filled with sand. After resisting the urge to hit the snooze button and stumbling around my room like I was blind, I managed to get dressed with my clothes on in the right order and make it down to the bus to head to our second Intercollegiate horse show of the season.Continue reading “I can’t win every time, but the team can.”