Product Review: Bio-Groom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo

If you read my A Horse Box Unboxing, you know that one of the items inside was the Bio-Groom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo. Originally, I wasn’t going to review this product, but when a friend of mine was looking for a water-less shampoo and asked my opinion on it, I figured why not just write a post about it.


I had never heard of this brand before and I wanted to do a little research before jumping in and putting it on my horse. Ultimately, I found that the website was only slightly helpful, describing the Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo as “the short-cut to a bath. Useful when normal shampooing is not practical. Contains Lanolin to condition hair and skin. Removes stains. Easy wet or dry combing of mane and tail. Non-irritating.” Pretty straightforward, but not very informational.

Thankfully, the bottle contained more information than I could find online, saying it is a shampoo that is…

  • Quick drying with no water or rinsing needed
  • Specifically developed for:
    • quick touch-ups between classes
    • cold weather cleaning
    • when a full bath is not practical
  • Best suited to:
    • remove saddle and halter marks, grass stains, manure stains, and stall marks
    • clean socks, manes, and tails
  • non-toxic and non-irritating
  • contains lanolin to condition hair and skin

Because I only had a sample size bottle, I didn’t want to use the whole bottle all over Ax’s body in case (1) I liked it and wanted it for the future, or (2) I didn’t like it and was then stuck with it all over my horse. I chose to try it out on his filthy socks instead.


As you can see, Ax had his fair share of mud and other crud turning his lovely white socks a nasty brown. I didn’t bother to try and remove any of the mud or stains before spraying the product on, that way I could see the true result of the shampoo. Following the directions on the bottle, I sprayed the shampoo onto the dirty area until it was damp, about four or five pumps, and rubbed it in for a few seconds until “a light cleansing foam” appeared. Next, I dried his leg with a towel and brushed the hair back in place. Note: Although the product is blue in the bottle, it comes out clear and shows no sign of color staining at all and the scent is almost non-existent.


OOOOOH SO WHITE AND PRETTY! I was incredibly surprised at how well this stuff worked! Not only did the shampoo get the surface mud stains out, so did the ground in spots. All it took was a few pumps and a couple minutes before Ax’s sock was sparkling again. While his socks came out soft and clean, there was no leftover residue and neither his leg or my hand was irritated by not rinsing the shampoo off.

Overall, I think the water-less shampoo worked extremely well and I will absolutely be keeping my bottle for show days when Ax manages to get himself dirty despite my best efforts.

PicMonkey Collagejfsdknhyj bw
Before application. After massaging the product in. All dry and sparkling clean.


To buy the Bio-Groom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo, there is a list of online retailers here.


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14 thoughts on “Product Review: Bio-Groom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo

  1. Intriguing! I’ve been considering a waterless shampoo for Miles, but I’d be more interested in using it all over, not just as a spot cleaner. Did you feel like this shampoo just cleaned the surface, or did Ax’s sock look clean down to the skin?


    1. I made sure to really rub it in even after it started to foam and afterwards you could see on his sock that his skin underneath was clean too. I bet if you sprayed it on and then curried it in it would work really well all over. I used it “all over” on his bum and mud crusted withers the other day and then on his saddle marks after my ride and I felt that it worked.


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