Giving of Thanks

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Its the time of year when we eat so much that we think we will never fit into our breeches again, but somehow we manage to squeeze back into them the next day. Aside from stuffing our bellies, it is also the time for giving thanks for everything that we have.  I couldn’tContinue reading “Giving of Thanks”

A Balancing Act—How I Managed to Ride My Horse in College

Someone recently asked me how I managed to balance all of the things I have going on in my life and I didn’t really know how to answer their question. I have always been pretty ambitious when it came to anything I wanted to do and I knew that I was busy more often thanContinue reading “A Balancing Act—How I Managed to Ride My Horse in College”

Ponies, Practice, and Pinkies

Closing my fingers on the reins has never been a huge issue for me, especially not over fences. As a self-recognized “holder” I am more likely to have a vice grip on the reins instead of open fingers. So when I found myself in the emergency room with what I thought was a dislocated pinkyContinue reading “Ponies, Practice, and Pinkies”