SmartPak Hadley Breeches | Product Review

Finding a pair of breeches that I like can be difficult—with more curves than a large portion of hunter/jumper riders, riding pants that fit all of my criteria are few and far between. As a result, I have become a bit of a breeches snob to the point where the only brand in my closet isContinue reading “SmartPak Hadley Breeches | Product Review”

Wahl Grooming Tools | Product Review

I was super excited to try out the Wahl grooming tools when I heard they were releasing a handful of the line in a new color. Because of my picky nature, the range of brushes I like is limited and usually pricey, so I am always willing to see how new brushes hold up to my standards. This set was a handful of pleasant surprises.

Professional’s Choice VenTECH Girth vs. SmartPak Air+ Girth | Dupes

Saving money is hard, especially in the horse world where everything seems to cost so much more. But what if you could get a similar product at half the price? This is the classic name brand versus store brand battle. The Professional’s Choice VenTECH Girth (~$75) has been on the market for quite some time now and youContinue reading “Professional’s Choice VenTECH Girth vs. SmartPak Air+ Girth | Dupes”