Product Review: Wine Down Hoof Pick

The Wine Down Hoof Pick came out a while ago and I’ve been secretly wanting one because who doesn’t want a hoof pick that can pop open a bottle of wine?! Aside from coffee, I consider wine to be an important drink in my an equestrian’s life. Tell me you have a hoof pick with a corkscrew onContinue reading “Product Review: Wine Down Hoof Pick”

Product Review: The Plaid Horse Apparel

The quest for comfy and cute riding shirts is never ending. Not because they’re hard to find, but because you can never have enough. I love a good sun shirt, but a casual, tucked-in tee can be just as professional looking and twice as comfy. I had the chance to test two tops from the wellContinue reading “Product Review: The Plaid Horse Apparel”

Product Review: Grooming Hands

Currying isn’t exactly my favorite part of grooming—you end up inhaling or getting covered with 80% of the hair and dirt that is coming off, it is a recipe for shocking your horse with static, and Ax is too sensitive for a good curry anyway. But because I am a good horse owner, and I want to seeContinue reading “Product Review: Grooming Hands”

Product Review: The Vineyard Equestrian Apparel

As the place where Ax and I spent time figuring each other out, Martha’s Vineyard has a special place in my heart and I often find myself yearning for the island. I’ve got my fair share of beach sand and sea glass—and now, I have some equestrian Vineyard style. The Vineyard Equestrian was started by a friend ofContinue reading “Product Review: The Vineyard Equestrian Apparel”