Product Review: Fluff Monkey®

Something about sitting down before a show and scrubbing my life away until I can see my reflection in my tall boots just for me to step in manure with them the next day is not appealing. All morning of the show I end up tiptoeing around, trying to keep my boots clean, and inevitably looking down to seeContinue reading “Product Review: Fluff Monkey®”

Product Review: ECOGOLD Coolfit Hunter Pad

Riding in the warmer months is sweaty enough. Add in the fact that your horse is actually a sweaty beast and you’ve got directions to the perspiration station (yum). Typically on hot days, I will skip a square pad and ride in just a half pad to take a layer off, but unfortunately, that isn’t an optionContinue reading “Product Review: ECOGOLD Coolfit Hunter Pad”

Product Review: Emily’s Equine Creations Custom Brushes

Every time I go to the tack shop I tell myself that I need to get new brushes. I’ll stop in front of them all hung up on the wall or overflowing out of buckets and ponder which ones I want after feeling them all for softness. Then I’ll tell myself that I don’t reallyContinue reading “Product Review: Emily’s Equine Creations Custom Brushes”

Product Review: Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody

Tucker Tweed hit every equestrian fashionista’s radar a few years ago and I can’t lie—I was lusting over them for quite a while. The designs, the leather, the colors, OH MY! I finally ceased my drooling and ogling in December when a friend of mine who owns The Vineyard Equestrian had an amazing post-black friday sale and I purchased theContinue reading “Product Review: Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody”